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Welcome to Zaka Public School(ZPS). One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is a first class education. It is only the education, which maximizes the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral development of a child. It is my endeavor to prepare our pupil for the challenges of tomorrow. Our School aims to equip its pupils with the tools they need to participate meaningfully in the 21Century. I understand that it is a tall order, yet one must endeavor, and I feel in all modesty that ZPS has been designed and supervised by team of renowned architects and engineers.  As a result, the School has climate friendly, very attractive, modern and compact design with spacious hallways and class rooms, which are well lit and airy. Well organized sports activities and play facilities are essential for healthy body and sharp mind. ZPS is the only in the area, which has proper sports fields and attractive play facilities for its students. With a talented and dedicated faculty, we are devoted to developing the whole child, who would have the finest qualities of devotion, love, determination and services to mankind. ZPS being supervised and managed by dedicated, professional and experienced Supervisory Body. Therefore, I assure the parents that their child is in safe hands with a promising future. It is a tremendous privilege to lead this remarkable School. I would be delighted to meet you and show you around the School.
 Khalid Pervez

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Zaka Public School

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