Zaka Public School

Their mommy loves the kind Masae, Chigusa’s younger girl, and would love Yasumoto in order to get married the woman

Yasumoto diagnoses measles and you will delivers the girl so you’re able to their infirmary. Yasumoto after that matches Purple Beard who’s exploring a refreshing lord. The newest steeped man got sick because he’s fat and you will Yellow Mustache suggests a strict eating plan. Then he overcharges the new rich kid. Yasumoto says to Red Mustache you to definitely their bride to be bankrupt the involvement since they go to good brothel in which a good geisha have syphilis. Brand new madame was flogging a great a dozen-year-old woman because the she does not want to “entertain” customers. Brand new madame’s cause is the fact Otoyo are an orphan and you can she took the lady from inside the regarding foundation. Your doctor desires use the woman aside given that this lady has a leading fever. Brand new madame following needs let and you may a team of strong boys visited jeopardize your physician. Your doctor matches her or him by yourself and you may injures all of them eg an expert samurai.

Reddish Beard and you may Yasumoto go out holding the fresh new feverish woman who have fainted. In fact, when Yasumoto falls sleep, Otoyo starts scrubbing a floor such as for instance she is carrying out at the brothel, even after however becoming feverish. Their does not want to speak also to use the medicines one she needs, operating such as for instance an untamed animal. Purple Beard shows an endless amount of persistence and ultimately overcomes the woman concern and you can she ultimately actually starts to chat. She’s got never educated kind some one just after this lady mommy died and distrusts every person. By being ungrateful so you’re able to Yasumoto, who’s seeking feed the girl, she makes your cry. Otoyo vanishes once again a short time later on and you will Yasumoto actively seeks their everywhere urban area.

Yasumoto is assigned to retain the woman, who’s not just unwell and in addition traumatized

The guy finds the lady begging on avenue, and you can sees you to she spends the money to buy a dish to displace the one she broke in the medical center. She finally recovers from this lady trauma and her fever. Red Mustache confesses so you can Yasumoto he, Red Beard, schemed for Yasumoto restricted within infirmary. Yasumoto considered that it actually was Amano, the father off their bride to be Chigusa, whom schemed against him. Remembering the brand new disadventures of your clients who passed away, the guy feels ashamed out of themselves, out of his very own vanity and you may selfishness. Because the Yasumoto breaks down in rips, Red-colored Mustache knows that the students man has got a leading fever themselves. Today it�s Otoyo who starts handling Yasumoto. This woman is still rubbing a floor, but this time it is to have his space.

Exterior it�s snowing. As he recovers, Yasumoto is actually prepared to observe that Otoyo become reading his scientific books. Meanwhile, Masae could have been looking after Yasumoto’s mommy, who too decrease ill. Yasumoto check outs their mommy and you may learns you to his ex-bride Chigusa just got a child away from several other man: her father Amano never ever forgave the woman to own cheating to the Yasumoto however, today desires to make-peace with her. Masae brings Yasumoto something special getting Otoyo but Otoyo unexpected situations everybody else by the putting it on dirt. The maid Osugi with ease presumptions you to definitely Otoyo are envious away from Masae. Otoyo was mute once again. She does not even prevent a little kid who takes sensuous gruel from the clinic right in front away from this lady, resulting in much more shock one of several teams.

Osugi herself is in love that have Yasumoto’s colleague Mori

The women of your own clinic mature dating review make an effort to catch the tiny burglar but he’s punctual instance a rodent. Later on Yasumoto overhears a conversation anywhere between Masae and also the child, Chobo: Masae condemns stealing however, forgives they since the Chobo was starving and you will possess one or two eager brothers. Actually, she offers to bring your more restaurants (her very own food) in the event that he claims not to discount once more. Whenever you are Osugi are emailing Mori, the brand new madwoman attempts to hang by herself. Her dad is able to punish new maid, who is impression responsible anyway, in order to have overlooked their child, however, Reddish Beard has another type of thoughts: the fresh new madwoman try improving which is the reason why she attempted to hang herself, and one who will be be ashamed ‘s the rich dad, exactly who never taken care of her.

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