Zaka Public School

Why Join Us

ZPS Is The Only English Medium School Offering (From Play Group to 10th Grade) Education In The General Area Gul Bahar And Surroundings. Following Are 10 Most Attractive Reasons, Why Parents And Students Prefer ZPS Over Other Schools.

Ideally Convenient Location

Various Surveys Have Indicated That School Distance From Student’s House Is One Of The Most Important Considerations For The Parents And Students In Selection Of School. Before The Establishment Of ZPS, Children Either Had To Go To Sialkot Cantt / City Or To Other Far Flung Areas For Quality Education. ZPS Is Situated At Convenient Location Of Village Gul Bahar, Near Sultan Hospital, On Main Adda Jhai – Chaprar Road, Where Most Of The Students Either Walk Or Ride Their Bicycle To Reach The School. Because Of Close Distance, ZPS Students Leave Late For The School In The Morning And Arrive Home Early In The Afternoons. Resultantly, ZPS Students Get Lots Of Time To Sleep, Play And Study.


Save Money On Account Of Transportation

Previously, Apart From Exorbitantly High Tuition Fees, Parents Had To Face Lots Of Anxiety Concerning Transport   Arrangements For Their Children.  Parents Also Had To Bear The Extra Burden Of Transportation Cost To The Tune Of Rs. 1500 – 2000 Per Month For The Vans / Rickshaws.  Continuous Price Hike In Petroleum Products Is Going To Enhance The Transportation Cost Even Further. Now Parents Of ZPS Students Are Very Happy As Their Children Either Walk Or Ride Bicycles To Reach The School . Now Parents Save Money And Also Have Peace Of Mind.

Safe And Secure Environment

Now A Day’s Safety And Security Of Children Is Number ONE Concern Of All The Parents. ZPS Is Situated At Very Safe And Secure Place, Where Children Are Exposed To Least Hazards Like Road Accidents, Kidnapping And Security Related Issues Etc. ZPS Is Purpose Build Campus, Which Has Proper High Walls And Only One  Entry And Exit Gate Manned By Professional Security Guards.

Annual Day -2017 (653)

An Excellent Facility For Female Student

Education Of Girls In The Past Has Suffered Immensely Mainly Because Of Absence Of Any Quality School  In The Area. Parents Were Reluctant To Send Their Girls To City Owing To Transport Issues And Host Of Other Disturbances En-Route. Now ZPS Is Located At Such A Convenient, Safe And Secure Location That Girls Walk Or Use A Bicycle To Reach To School  Without Any Fear, Disturbance Or Inconvenience.

Parents Have Excellent Contact With School

Location Of The School  Is Particularly Convenient For The Parents Particularly Mothers Of The Students, Who Would Be Able To Walk Up To The School  For Attending Various Events And Knowing The Well Being And Progress Of Their Child On Regular Basis.


ZPS Has The Only Authentic Montessori In The Area

All The Parents And Students, Those Who Have Visited ZPS Montessori Wing, Have Liked It A Lot.  Pakistan Montessori Council Approved Spacious And Attractive Class Rooms, Unique Creative Wooden Toys, Blocks And Imported Interactive Books Have Been Liked And Appreciated By All.

Modern Spacious Purpose Build Campus

ZPS Has Been Designed And Supervised By Team Of Renowned Architects And Engineers.  As A Result, ZPS Has Climate Friendly, Very Attractive, Modern And Compact Design With Spacious Hallways And Class Rooms, Which Are Well Lit And Airy.


Proper Sports Fields / Play Facilities

Well Organized Sports Activities And Play Facilities Are Essential For Healthy Body And Sharp Mind.  ZPS Is The Only School  In The Area, Which Has Proper Sports Fields And Attractive Play Facilities For Its Students.